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Administration & Collection

Our direct relationships with local publishing societies as well as DSPs allow us to ensure that your works are correctly registered and publishing royalties are fairly paid to rights holders. Whether you are a songwriter, a publisher or a CMO, we can administer your works in Greater China increasing your revenue while making sure that your copyrights are protected at all times.

The synch market in China is booming and we are in a pole position to market and place your works to a great variety of domestic partners. Television, advertisement, gaming: you name it, Kanjian works with top-notch agencies, music supervisors and production companies to provide ancillary revenue streams for your catalog.

Covers & Collaborations

Working with a locally established act is vital to breaking through China. Through our Beijing office, we have strong connections with the Chinese pop music elite and we are in a premium position to pitch songs for covers and collaborations. Take advantage of local idols to push your songs to the next step.

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Direct Collection & Monetization!

Mechanical Royalties

We claim the digital mechanical royalties of your works directly from the DSPs to provide a direct and transparent service.

Public Performance

We administer and collect public performance income for both publishers and songwriters, regardless of the share you own.

Rights Clearance

Quick and efficient clearance service for synch, covers, collaborations and more.

What are our business terms?

  • Territory: Greater China
  • Royalties: 60% from the revenue generated (no annual or setup fees)
  • Term: 3 years
  • Contract: Exclusive

How do you make money?

We are able to claim the publishing royalties from DSPs directly, including where we do speak on behalf of the 100% share.

For example, if we are licensed only a 4% of a composition/lyrics, the DSP will pay to us the 4% to Kanjian and the remaining percentage to MCSC or accordingly to any third parties administrating the works.

When do you get paid?

We provide reports once a month and you can withdraw your revenue at any time.

We support independent artists and labels to achieve financial freedom without holding them to ransom with subscription fees and music takedowns.

Kanjian Publishing Success Stories

Still unconvinced by the power of Kanjian Publishing? Discover a selection of high-profile labels already trusting us with their business.

Maia, known professionally as mxmtoon, is an American singer-songwriter and YouTuber. Her 2018 self-released EP, Plum Blossom has been streamed over 100 million times.

24kGoldn, is an American rapper and singer. In 2019, he rose to fame with his single, "Valentino", peaking at number 92 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

Finland's Nightwish are an award-winning, best-selling symphonic metal band. Nightwish issued their ninth studio outing, Human. :II: Nature, in 2020.

She is a singing voice synthesizer featured in over 100,000 songs released worldwide. Hatsune Miku has become a global superstar performing sold-out 3D concerts worldwide with performances in LA, Taipei, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo

YUAN (徐梦圆) is arguably China’s most successful DJ and producer. He is on the Top 100 list of Chinese artists on Netease. Some of his most popular works include Cang (藏), Glass Candy (玻璃糖), and the China Series.

Vava, is a Chinese rapper from Ya'an, Sichuan, China. She has been called China's Rihanna. Vava rose to fame from her performance on the first season of the iQiyi television show The Rap of China.

Jackson Wang is a Chinese rapper, singer, fashion designer and dancer based in China. He is the founder of record label Team Wang and is a global superstar.

Lay Zhang is a Chinese singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer, actor, and businessman.

Hillsong Music is a music label produced by Hillsong Church in Sydney, Australia as well as offshoot churches. Hillsong is committed to creating a musical expression that is almost uncomfortable in its uniqueness

Avex, one of the largest entertainment groups in Japan. Avex artist Josh Cumbee has collaborated with Madonna, Armin Van Buuren, Li Yuchun, and Cai Xukun, and is now using Starcast

With six releases a week across its Uncaged, Instinct, and Silk brands, Monstercat has topped radio and streaming charts worldwide, offering a diverse range of genres across bass, dance, pop, house, chill, and electronic.

Well-known sample pack production company specializing in royalty-free sounds for music production. Their catalogue contains a wide range of high-quality vocals, live instruments, drum samples, basses, synth presets, and more.

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What are the business terms for Microsync Distribution?2024-04-24T09:00:03+00:00

The business terms for Microsync Distribution are designed to be straightforward and rightsholder-friendly, ensuring transparency and fairness in our partnership. Here are the key terms we typically include:

Fees: We operate on a revenue-sharing model. Our standard commission is 30% of the net revenue generated from each sync license your music secures. This means we only earn when you earn, aligning our interests with yours to maximize your revenue.

Non-Exclusive License: The Microsync Distribution license you grant us is non-exclusive, allowing you the flexibility to continue distributing your music through other channels simultaneously. You maintain ownership of your music and are free to explore additional revenue streams outside of our agreement.

Term and Termination: The standard contract duration is one year from the date of signing, automatically renewable unless either party opts out with a 30-day notice before the renewal date. You can terminate the agreement with a 60-day notice if you find that our services no longer meet your needs. This gives you the freedom to reassess your participation without being locked into a long-term commitment.

Are there any upfront costs or fees involved?2024-04-24T09:36:04+00:00

There are no upfront costs for transitioning to Microsync Distribution. We operate on a commission basis, meaning we only earn when you earn. Our fees are transparent and tied to the revenue generated from the sync licenses we secure for your music.

What do I need to do to get started with Connected Devices Distribution?2024-04-24T09:34:16+00:00

To get started with Connected Devices Distribution, you’ll need to ensure both your master and publishing rights are fully cleared for distribution. This includes securing a comprehensive license that encompasses:

Master Rights: These are the rights to the actual sound recordings of your music. You must hold the authority, either as the rights holder or through permission granted by the rights holder, to license these recordings for integration into various connected devices like smart TVs, smart speakers, and electric vehicles.

Publishing Rights: This pertains to the musical composition, lyrics, and any underlying works of your music. It is crucial that these rights are also fully managed and cleared, which requires coordination with songwriters, composers, and potentially music publishers.

By securing both sets of rights, we can streamline the distribution of your music across an extensive network of connected devices manufactured primarily in China but distributed globally. This approach not only facilitates legal compliance but also enhances your music’s accessibility on these platforms, ensuring it reaches a wider audience effectively.

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