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Sample Library Service

Boost Your Income Streams in Greater China

Sample Library Services

We can make your samples, one-shots and sample loops available to a significant number of users and connect you with the ever-growing Chinese music producer community. We work to empower Chinese artists to create groundbreaking music with the confidence that they’re using officially licensed packs of the utmost quality.

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New Market For Your Loops & Samples



We provide one-stop licensing solutions to automate the sale of your sample libraries in Greater China.

No Subscriptions

No Costs

We are able to monetize all of your sample packs, loops and library via bulk sales.

What are our business terms?

  • Territory: Greater China
  • Royalties: 50% of the revenue generated (no annual or setup costs)
  • Term: 3 years
  • Exclusivity: non-exclusive

How do you make money?

Anytime your content is being licensed to our partners, we monetize directly by either selling your library in bulk or by generating a royalty-based revenue according to the usage on any given platform.

When do you get paid?

We provide reports once a month and you can withdraw your revenue at any time.

We support independent artists and labels to achieve financial freedom without holding them to ransom with subscription fees and music takedowns.

Kanjian Sample Library Success Stories

Still unconvinced by the power of Kanjian Sample Library Service? Discover a selection of high-profile artists and labels already trusting Kanjian Starcast.

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Kanjian Starcast
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Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our staff if you have any queries or questions. We’re always on hand to assist and help you to effectively utilize Kanjian Starcast.

What platforms does Starcast support?2022-08-15T07:13:43+00:00

Starcast covers 300 platforms, covering more than 200 countries around the world and 95% of the global music market.

To see our full list of channels please navigate here

What are the Starcast distribution terms?2022-06-28T10:10:49+00:00

Fee: No service fee or annual fees

Service Area: Global (optional area)

Cooperation Model: Revenue share

Revenue Share: Artist retains 80% of revenue

Reporting and Billing: Monthly

Term: 3 years

Contract: Exclusive

Does Starcast support video content?2022-08-15T07:09:00+00:00

Starcast supports video distribution to multiple platforms including NetEase Cloud Music, QQ Music, YouTube, Youku Video, Tencent Video, iQiyi Video, Yinyue Tai, IPTV, KKBox, etc.

To see our full list of channels please navigate here

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