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What is Kanjian Starlink?

Kanjian Starlink enables access to music content — we are the fastest way for any business that needs music to go from idea to launch.

For many applications music, sounds and effects are mission-critical assets — but sourcing such quality content could be slow and costly.

This is why Kanjian Starlink exists: To give your clients access to millions of digital assets, enabling music-centric business functionality.


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Direct integration via API and a range of flexible business models to suit your business needs for use of music digital assets.


With partners from all over the world, Kanjian Starlink is used to deliver high-quality, commercial materials solutions to a wide array of industries.

  • Understanding the Chinese Music Digital Landscape

    Explore the intricacies of the Chinese music market. This article offers an in-depth analysis of the Chinese music landscape, focusing on the digital ecosystem and consumption patterns, providing international artists with the knowledge to effectively navigate this flourishing market.

  • Digital Playback

    Alibaba Cloud

    Alibaba Cloud enables smart media creation with our digital asset management solution with smart tags, playback and purchase statistics

  • Pan-internet


    Wondershare gets an enhanced user experience and customer satisfaction with our smart access to content capability

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Speak with a sales representative in your region.

Tell us more about your inquiry before talking to a sales rep.

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