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As with many other aspects of China and the unique cyberspace, advertising will require a re-thinking of strategy in order to be successful.   

As of December 2021, China has 1 billion mobile Internet users. This is just shy of 1/5th of the world mobile phone user market. With such a high figure comes the difficulty of reaching the correct consumer within the right context and app. 

In the world’s most populous country the potential for success is immeasurable. However, it takes some critical strategic thinking to determine how best to reach your audience. That being said with the right content, marketing team and effort, China can be broken and the results can be huge. 

There are a number of advertising avenues that are popular for making an impact and allowing the brand/user to reach their target audience effectively.

Chinese digital landscape is completely different

Kanjian Creative been helping int and domestic artists since 2018 by doing this, this and that…

To begin with, make sure [music distribution China]

Make sure your music is available on the platforms, otherwise you are welcome to distribute your music via Kanjian’s Starsense.

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Discover the options available which will enhance your visibility in China. Grow your brand and achieve your goals. Contact us now for your tailor-made plan.

NetEase Playlists
Top Chinese DSP

List your tracks for 1 month within the most popular international music playlists on NetEase. Select specific playlists according to genre and mood. Playlists typically have 1 million + followers.

5 playlists

5+ million reach


Douyin Influencers
China’s TikTok 

Plug your music into Douyin influencer accounts. Your music will be used as background music for the selected influencers. Get your artist and track name mentioned by the influencer whilst the audience listens to your song.

10 bloggers

1 + million reach


Weibo Advertising
Leading Social Media

Upload your music onto Weibo media accounts. Your music videos, lyric videos, interviews and other visual media will be posted by popular music accounts within the market. Get endorsed by key accounts to increase your reach and visibility.

10 videos

2+ million reach


Public Relations
Articles and News

Send out the most important highlights and news about you and your music to renowned media outlets. Increase your exposure, optimize your search results and build your presence within the Chinese industry.


20+ media outlets


Promote you music in China



Kanjian Creative team has provided music promotion and marketing services to support international and domestic artists and labels of all shapes and sizes.

Here are examples of a few of the clients we work with.

  • Carl Cox

    One of the most charming DJs in the business. A musical ambassador and a veteran of acid house, a champion of techno, a dance music pioneer, label owner and king of Ibiza.

  • Jackson Wang

    Jackson Wang is a Hong Kong rapper, singer, fashion designer and dancer based in China. He is the founder of record label Team Wang

  • Courtney Barnett

    Courtney Melba Barnett is an Australian singer, songwriter and musician. Known for her deadpan singing style and witty, rambling lyrics

  • mxmtoon

    Maia, known professionally as mxmtoon, is an American singer-songwriter and YouTuber. Her 2018 self-released EP, Plum Blossom has been streamed over 100 million times.

  • Fedde Le Grand

    Fedde Le Grand is a Dutch house DJ, record producer and remixer. Heis considered to be one of the most defining figures in the fast-evolving genre of House

  • Kodaline

    Dublin, Ireland-based modern rock quartet Kodaline specialize in soaring, radio-ready guitar rock.

  • Lay Zhang

    Lay Zhang is a Chinese singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer, actor, and businessman.

  • AJR

    Re-envisioning what pop can be in the 21st century, AJR emerged as a ubiquitous hit-making outlier.

  • Mads Langer

    Mads Langer is a Danish singer-songwriter. He is a multi-platinum and multi-award-winning artist in his home country Denmark


The outcomes speak for themselves. Previous clients have experienced up to triple times growth with Kanjian Music promotional services.

Grow your brand and achieve unparalleled results.

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Find out what makes Kanjians fully transparent promotion services unique.

Are there recurring fees?2022-04-20T08:41:47+00:00

Pay a one-off service fee, only for promotion.

Can I customize my promotion?2022-04-20T08:49:48+00:00

Highly customizable and tailored plans are available. Contact our team to discuss your exact requirements and needs,

How can I monitor my advertisement?2022-04-20T09:01:55+00:00

Our comprehensive reports ensure you are able to analyse the data and make future decisions based on this.

Will I have direct communication with promotion team?2022-04-20T09:00:54+00:00

Yes, our fast-responding team will always be on hand to help you through the process.

Is the whole digital space covered?2022-04-20T09:05:33+00:00

Kanjian promotional services cover the entire digital space to ensure comprehensive marketing.

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