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Jason Zhang

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Global Monetization Matrix

Kanjian Starcast revolutionizes the way artists monetize their music. By unifying commercial exploitation and royalty collection, it offers artists a seamless experience across hundreds of digital service providers worldwide. Starcast simplifies licensing automation for digital music distribution, synchronization, and public performance, all within a single, end-to-end industry application. Distribute, sync, publish, and profit in one place, embracing a 360-degree revenue model that includes streaming, downloads, and more.

Diverse Revenue Streams

At Kanjian Starcast, we believe in maximizing your earning potential. Going beyond traditional distribution, we enable artists to explore 36 categories of music monetization, opening up a world of possibilities. From connected IoT devices to EVs, video games, VR/XR, and apps, to digital mechanical royalties and neighbouring rights collection, including pitching your music for TV shows and movies, Starcast offers multiple income streams. Enjoy the flexibility of monetizing both music and video content, and leverage Starcast to reach global audiences.

Total Control & Global Reach

Maintain complete ownership and control over your music. Starcast empowers artists to earn from every type of commercial use globally, all while retaining 100% ownership of their work. Starcast’s intuitive dashboard lets you operate your entire music career from one place – upload music, track streams, manage revenues, and split income effortlessly. With connections to over 300 DSPs worldwide, covering 95% of the globe, and offering 36 monetization categories beyond streaming, your music can reach to fans all around the globe.

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