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Synchronization at Scale

Microsync distribution makes money through synchronization licenses for music catalogs on a massive scale across diverse digital platforms.

Microsync distribution complements traditional synchronization and digital distribution.

Microsync distribution is non-exclusive and designed to work alongside existing sync and distribution agreements.

Connected Devices

Distribution to Smart Devices (IoT)

Comprehensive digital distribution generates revenue through distribution licenses to smart devices such as elecric vehicles (EVs), smart electronics and wearables, manufactured in China and sold globally.

Comprehensive digital distribution generates royalties in established as well as growing markets.

… and more!

Integrated Monetization

We offer an integrated approach to music monetization across multiple channels thorugh our strategic partnerships with major digital services and industries across the world.

We simply maximize the reach and revenue of your music on all fronts.

Music & Artist
Promotion in China

Music & Artist
Promotion in China


The outcomes speak for themselves. Previous clients have experienced up to triple times growth with Kanjian Music promotional services.

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