Breaking Top 15 in the Biggest Streaming Platform in China: Rompasso’s QQ Music Promotion

Rompasso, an emerging artist in the electronic music scene, partnered with us to promote his latest track through official ads on QQ Music. The campaign guaranteed a minimum outreach of 30,000 streams and a placement on an editorial playlist. As the result, the track peaked at Top 15 in QQ Music Official Electronic Music Chart and the campaign has built a solid foundation for Rompasso in China.

Music Promotion of Rompasso in China
Rompasso's QQ Music Promotion in China with Kanjian Music
Edward Jong Case Study for Kanjian China Music Promotion
Rompasso's QQ Music Promotion in China with Kanjian Music

Strategic Promotion

Our approach included targeted advertisements and strategic playlist placement. The campaign was designed to maximize visibility and engagement within the QQ Music platform.

Results and Analysis: During the one-week campaign, we observed significant improvements:

  • Advertising Coverage: Increased from 21.1% to 135.05%, indicating a substantial rise in ad displays and impressions.
  • Completion and Retention Rates: Both metrics showed improvement, suggesting higher user engagement and loyalty.
  • Music Index: Rose from 309 to 2844, reflecting a notable increase in the song’s popularity.
  • QQ Music Site-wide Ranking: Improved dramatically from 29,431 to 4,502, confirming the song’s growing popularity.
  • QQ Music Official Electronic Music Chart: The track climbed from position 48 to 15.

Special Mention: By May 8, the song ranked in the Top 15 of the QQ Music official electronic music chart, highlighting the effectiveness of the campaign and the song’s appeal.

Strategic Promotion

Video Storytelling: We initiated Jong’s journey by producing a music video that provided a narrative scaffold for each track, vital for visualizing the album’s thematic essence. This was especially crucial for a new artist like Jong, allowing potential fans to forge a connection with his artistic vision through a more engaging medium.

Targeted social media Blitz: Alongside the music video, our targeted social media campaigns captivated both classy pop and emo music aficionados, amassing 679k views on Weibo and catapulting Jong’s visibility in the digital space.

Algorithmic Engagement: We leveraged Netease Music’s platform, known for its user base’s affinity for exploratory and nostalgic sounds, to elevate Jong’s presence. Our strategy involved precise placements during high-traffic periods and cultural festivities, aligning Jong’s musical narratives with audience sentiment.


This campaign effectively demonstrated the power of our promotional tools and the commercial potential of Rompasso in the Chinese market. The positive outcomes across all metrics affirm our strategic approach. We are delighted with the success and look forward to future collaborations to continue showcasing and monetizing talented artists.

Music Promotion of Rompasso in China: ft. Kanjian Music

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