Storming Viral Charts Five Times:
Arc North’s Music Promotion in China

In a saturated music market, achieving Diamond Certification stands as a testament to extraordinary success. For Arc North, this esteemed accolade was not just a milestone, but a symbol of Kanjian Music’s strategic foresight and marketing finesse in China. Our promotion of Arc North’s subsequent release, anchored in the viral fame of “Meant To Be,” is a story of strategic positioning and algorithmic mastery.

Arc North's China Music Promotion Strategy
Arc North's China Music Promotion Strategy
Edward Jong Case Study for Kanjian China Music Promotion
Arc North's China Music Promotion Strategy

Strategy Unveiled

Our campaign’s nucleus was the strategic placement of Arc North’s new releases within popular playlists, designed meticulously to engage Netease Music’s algorithm. This targeted approach was twofold:

Algorithmic Leverage: By understanding and capitalizing on Netease Music’s sophisticated algorithm, Kanjian Music ensured that each track received optimal visibility, with minimal investment, maximizing promotional value and audience reach.

Cultural and Community Synergy: The success of “Meant To Be” was harnessed to create a powerful narrative that resonated with the Chinese audience, while the Remix Contest fostered a sense of ownership and community amongst local electronic music enthusiasts.

Strategic Promotion

Video Storytelling: We initiated Jong’s journey by producing a music video that provided a narrative scaffold for each track, vital for visualizing the album’s thematic essence. This was especially crucial for a new artist like Jong, allowing potential fans to forge a connection with his artistic vision through a more engaging medium.

Targeted social media Blitz: Alongside the music video, our targeted social media campaigns captivated both classy pop and emo music aficionados, amassing 679k views on Weibo and catapulting Jong’s visibility in the digital space.

Algorithmic Engagement: We leveraged Netease Music’s platform, known for its user base’s affinity for exploratory and nostalgic sounds, to elevate Jong’s presence. Our strategy involved precise placements during high-traffic periods and cultural festivities, aligning Jong’s musical narratives with audience sentiment.

Outcomes of Precision

Diamond Certification: The crown jewel of our campaign’s outcomes was undoubtedly the Diamond Certification of Arc North’s track on Netease Music, a rare feat marking high sales, streams, and user engagement.

Viral Engagement: Our strategy catalyzed a viral effect, magnified by the algorithm’s favor, leading to a 300% surge in user comments and interaction within a mere two-week span.

Playlist Placement Success: The precise placement of new releases generated significant ‘data buzz’, a crucial component in triggering the platform’s algorithm for enhanced support.

Conclusive Insights

Kanjian Music’s calculated moves and deep understanding of platform algorithms have not only spotlighted Arc North’s talent but have also demonstrated our unmatched ability to turn algorithmic knowledge into promotional gold. The Diamond Certification is a pinnacle of success that signifies our strategic prowess and the profound impact we make in the digital music promotion landscape. The track also entered Netease Music Viral Charts for 5 times.

Arc North's China Music Promotion Strategy

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