Rockin’ in the Doors of Opportunity: Homeless Scholars’ NetEase Promotion

Homeless Scholars, an emerging rock band from Singapore, partnered with us to promote their latest track through official ads and editorial playlist placements on NetEase Music, a leading DSP for international music in China. The campaign aimed to maximize the band’s visibility and engagement within the Chinese market through a minimum outreach of 100,000 streams and 4 editorial playlists. As a result, Homeless Scholars earned an official Silver Single Plaque from NetEase Music, peaked at top 15 on the Shangyin Chart and top 67 on Viral Chart on NetEase music which built a solid foundation in the mandarin-speaking territory.

Music Promotion of Homeless Scholars in China
NetEase Silver Single Certification: ft. Homeless Scholars
Edward Jong Case Study for Kanjian China Music Promotion

Strategic Promotion

Our strategy involved targeted advertisements and strategic playlist placements to enhance the band’s exposure. The campaign was meticulously designed to boost visibility and user engagement on NetEase Music.

Results and Analysis: During the seven-day campaign, we achieved significant milestones:

  • Total Plays: Amassed 169,862 plays, highlighting the campaign’s wide reach.
  • Official Certification: Earned the official “Silver Single Plaque” from NetEase Cloud, signifying the track’s popularity.
  • Completion Rate: Achieved a 60% completion rate, indicating strong listener engagement.
  • Retention Rate: Attained a 47% retention rate, showing substantial listener loyalty.
  • Playlist Inclusions: The track was included in a total of 610 playlists, expanding its reach.
  • Shangyin Chart Ranking: Reached the Top 15 on the “Shangyin Chart” on NetEase Music, underscoring the track’s appeal.
  • Viral Chart Peak: Peaked at Top 67 on the “Viral Chart” on NetEase Music, demonstrating the track’s viral potential.

Strategic Promotion

Video Storytelling: We initiated Jong’s journey by producing a music video that provided a narrative scaffold for each track, vital for visualizing the album’s thematic essence. This was especially crucial for a new artist like Jong, allowing potential fans to forge a connection with his artistic vision through a more engaging medium.

Targeted social media Blitz: Alongside the music video, our targeted social media campaigns captivated both classy pop and emo music aficionados, amassing 679k views on Weibo and catapulting Jong’s visibility in the digital space.

Algorithmic Engagement: We leveraged Netease Music’s platform, known for its user base’s affinity for exploratory and nostalgic sounds, to elevate Jong’s presence. Our strategy involved precise placements during high-traffic periods and cultural festivities, aligning Jong’s musical narratives with audience sentiment.


This campaign for Homeless Scholars on NetEase Music was an outstanding success, effectively demonstrating the power of our promotional strategies. The significant achievements across all key performance indicators—such as amassing 169,862 plays, earning an official “Silver Single Certification,” and securing high completion and retention rates—highlight the exceptional impact of our services. The track’s inclusion in 610 playlists, its rise to the Top 15 on the “Shangyin Chart,” and its peak at Top 67 on the “Viral Chart” underscore the efficiency and effectiveness of our promotional efforts.

Netease Top 15: ft. Homeless Scholars x Kanjian Music

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