hip-hop goes global

JIEYIN「结印」showcases the new hip-hop culture and brings together artists from around the world to China and Asia.

If you have unreleased music and you want to make a name for yourself in China (and Asia) keep reading!


  • 9 Albums, 81 Labels
    You keep all the rights, we distribute and promote your music, we collect and pay you the royalties your music earns

  • 120 Live Shows
    Tour Asia and the US with the world’s rising hip-hop stars brought together by JIEYIN

  • Promotion
    Radio and TV shows and interviews, radio plays, social media reaching over 1 billion people worldwide, including China

  • Music
    Get 1 billion people worldwide, including China, to listen to your music (digital release, radio feature, live shows, social media)
  • Live
    Tour China in venues with average capacity of 500
  • Branding
    Beat the stars to the hearts of Chinese fans (quite a lot of artists popular outside China are not quite so in China)
  • Collaborations
    Connect with rising artists and the wider hip-hop community from around the world (live shows, potential collabs)
  • Hip-hop artist with several releases and established audience

  • You are looking to have a career in China (and Asia)
  • You can license to us the rights necessary for the project
  • Your music delivers positive energy and inspires
  • You can make yourself available for the demands of the project (in 2020)

Kanjian Music started in 2012 aiming to enable more artists to create music and more fans to discover it, leveraging technology to bring them together to the largest consumer market in the world – Asia.

Kanjian Music works with a wide range of copyright holders to help them enter the market and develop a sustainable business model, providing comprehensive rights management tools and reports as well as dedicated business and promotional strategies.

Kanjian Music also connects its clients with China’s tech, film/TV, fashion and social media business worlds, creating new revenue streams and marketing opportunities. Partners include Huawei, Xiaomi, WPS, Taobao, China Mobile, YSL, Tencent Pictures, WasuTV, Toutiao, VUE and Douyin/TikTok.

Kanjian Music has already helped more than 7,000 labels and 200,000 artists to reach more than 1 billion online listeners worldwide, including China.


We will contact the successful applicants with full terms and conditions, project details and timeline.

Disclaimer: No political, religious, obscenity, violence, etc content will be accepted.

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