Distributing your music to connected devices, especially those manufactured in China, is strategically important for several reasons:

Massive Market Penetration: China is the world’s leading exporter of connected devices, including smart speakers, smart TVs, and electric vehicles, all of which are equipped with advanced multimedia capabilities. The global market share held by these Chinese-manufactured devices is substantial, meaning your music gains the potential to be accessed by a vast and growing audience worldwide.

Unique Access Points: These devices often serve as primary access points for entertainment in homes and vehicles, places where traditional streaming services may not be the default option. By integrating your music into these ecosystems, you capture listeners at moments of high engagement—whether they’re relaxing at home or commuting—increasing the likelihood of your music being played and appreciated.

Untapped Audiences: Many users of these devices in less mature markets may not actively use traditional streaming DSPs, either due to preference or the unique nature of the device interfaces, which often prioritize different streaming services or built-in media solutions. This presents an opportunity to reach an audience that might be otherwise difficult to engage through standard music distribution channels.

Strategic Positioning: As digital consumption habits evolve, being present on these devices positions you at the forefront of the next wave of music distribution innovation. This forward-thinking approach not only sets you apart from your peers but also aligns your brand with cutting-edge technology and market trends.

Global Reach with Local Impact: While these devices are exported globally, they often come with localized features and content recommendations. This can increase your music’s exposure in specific markets, particularly in your home markets, providing a strategic advantage in both broad and targeted audience engagement.