Microsync distribution targets a unique range of digital service providers where music enhances the user experience but isn’t the primary focus. Unlike traditional platforms centered around streaming and downloading, our distribution network includes diverse categories of services where music plays a supporting yet vital role.

Here’s a select list of the stores we work with:

Video Editing: VivaVideo, StoryCut, Duitang, VideoShow, Ying Yin, Tong Hua, CapCut, Wondershare, Filmora, FilmoraGo, Filmstock

Stock Media: Visual China, 58pic, 588ku, CoolVox, Ooopic, Gaopin Images, Gaoding Design, iSHEJI, ZCOOL HelloRF, New Studios

Niche Services: Le Fit, YESOUL, Daily Yoga, Keep, SUPERMONKEY, Duo Deer, Hidooro, New Oriental Kids +, Baby tree, Nanjing Haibang

Productivity/Cloud Kingsoft: WPS, Ding Talk, WinAll, Rabbit Show, Alibaba Cloud, Agora, ZegoCloud

Other: KilaKila, XIRON, Taewah, LinknLink, Qi E Hao, Dian Yin, Baizhishan Technology, Air China, Aobai

+ many more