The Music Library Agreement provides broad licensing options that cover various uses across multiple platforms, ensuring your music reaches diverse audiences and applications. The detailed usage scope includes:


  • TV and Movies background music
  • Advertising background music
  • Games and APP background music


  • Short video and VLOG background music
  • Live broadcasting background music
  • Company website, company media production, and homepage background music
  • H5, PowerPoint, GIF, picture, photo album, design template background music
  • Online literature, online comic book background music
  • New media background music

Public Performance:

  • Background music service to locations and venues including, but not limited to, retail shops, commercial businesses, airplanes, pubs, restaurants, and hotel rooms, etc.
  • Perform music in live performance (including dramatic and non-dramatic public performance of Musical Works)

Audio Production:

  • Audio-books background music
  • Radio programs background music
  • Podcast production

Built-in Music:

  • Mobile phone built-in music
  • Hardware device and smart device built-in music

Cover Song:

  • Make a faithful cover version

* New media includes all forms of digital media, including all digital traditional media, network media, mobile media, digital television, digital newspapers and magazines.

This comprehensive usage scope is designed to cater to a wide range of platforms and media types, providing ample opportunities for artists to monetize their work in diverse and innovative ways.