To begin with Microsync Distribution, you’ll need to ensure both your master and publishing rights are fully cleared for synchronization. This means securing a synchronization license that includes:

  1. Master Rights: These are the rights to the actual sound recording of your music. You must have the authority, either as the rights holder or with permission from the rights holder, to license these recordings for use in various media formats.
  2. Publishing Rights: These involve the musical composition, lyrics, and any underlying works of your music. It’s essential that these rights are also cleared, which involves coordinating with songwriters, composers, and, in many cases, music publishers.

With both sets of rights secured, we can then distribute your music to digital service providers across our network, where it can be used in a range of projects. Our team will guide you through the process of documentation and verification to ensure all your tracks are ready for synchronization and compliant with legal requirements.