Connected Devices Distribution can specifically increase your earnings through several key avenues:

Expanded Reach: By distributing your music on connected devices like smart TVs, smart speakers, and electric vehicles, you access a broader and diverse audience. These devices often come with built-in music services that feature curated playlists and recommended tracks, placing your music in front of listeners who are looking for new content but might not have discovered you on traditional DSPs.

Reduced Competition: Since these ecosystems are less saturated than platforms like Spotify or Apple Music, your music faces less competition. This can lead to higher play counts and more exposure, which translates directly into increased royalties.

Direct Licensing Agreements: We facilitate direct licensing agreements with device manufacturers, which often yield better financial terms compared to traditional streaming services. This is because you can negotiate rates that aren’t bound by the standardized payouts typical of popular DSPs, potentially earning you more per play.

Holistic Rights Management: By managing both master and publishing rights, we streamline the process, allowing you to capture more of the revenue generated from your music without needing to split earnings with additional rights management entities. This efficiency not only reduces administrative overhead but also maximizes the financial returns from each track.

Global Market Penetration: As these devices are distributed globally, your music gains international exposure without the need for region-specific marketing strategies. This opens up new markets where your music can earn royalties, further diversifying and increasing your revenue streams.