With use-cases across the entire industry, leverage Kanjian technology to manage your career, and business.

Monetize your content across traditional and innovative digital services.

Obtain production and commercial content licenses for your digital service

Music licensing platform for genuine commercial music use.

International Music Expo (IMX) is a platform for discovery. A global business and cultural expo for professionals, creators and consumers in the creative and tech industries.

Music Ally is based in London, with offices in Shanghai (headquartered together with Kanjian), Tokyo and Medellin Colombia. To find out more about the company

IMCO (International Music Collaboration Organization) is a non-profit organization that provides opportunities for the Chinese music industry and global music organisations to communicate and connect with each other.

Get best-in-market opportunities for you as a brand and your content through an integrated monetization strategy across the full spectrum of rights.

Transparent promotion services covering the whole digital space. Get seen by millions of Chinese music fans.

Music incubation across all genres. Creating more opportunities for artists to connect with music, creativity, and brands.


Providing creators and industry organizations with multi-dimensional subsidiary services based on intelligent copyright protection, brokerage, publicity, production, and cooperation.


Working throughout the industry to enhance our community. Through shared experience and knowledge sharing we can grow together.

Kanjian Starcast
Worldwide Licensing

Kanjian Starcast unifies commercial exploitation and royalty collection across hundreds of digital service providers worldwide.

Kanjian Starcast offers licensing automation for digital music distribution, sync, public performance in one, end-to-end industry application.

Kanjian Coolvox
Music Library

Kanjian Coolvox is our own commercial music licensing platform. Coolvox boasts millions of high-quality music materials available for one-stop trading.

With full copyright, full territory, and worldwide licensing to quickly and accurately meet customers’ needs for genuine music use.

Kanjian Starlink
Assets Integration

Kanjian Starlink is an integrated solution designed to help you to obtain licenses for production and/or commercial assets for your digital service.

Kanjian Starlink offers authorization of tens of millions of production and commercial music assets, in a one-stop licensing industry application.

Kanjian Promotion
Music Marketing

Kanjian’s transparent music promotion services cover the whole digital space.

In the world’s most populous country the potential for success is immeasurable. With the right content, marketing team and effort, China can be broken and the results can be huge.