Terms of Use

Thank you for choosing Star Distribution which is the most professional music copyright management and distribution platform in Asia.

When you are desperately looking for agencies to publish records or to distribute your music to major global music platforms or to
maximize your royalty revenue as well as profit, Star Distribution is probably your best choice.

In order to fulfill mutually beneficial cooperation and mutually convenient operation, please read the
following instruction carefully to ensure that you clearly understand Star Distribution and its unique services. Make your promise and take your responsibility.
Let us protect your precious rights together. Please do not conduct further steps if you do not fully understand the instruction.

I. General Provisions

  1. The purpose of this instruction is to explain the details of the platform service, to confirm the related rights and responsibilities of both
    service provider and receiver. The nature of this instruction is the agreement between you and Star Distribution regarding Certified Musicians
    (hereinafter referred to as “users”, including but not limited to service users such as musicians, labels, brokers) using Star Distribution service.
  2. In order to gain the related internet based service provided by Star Distribution, users must agree to all terms on this instruction and follow the
    steps on the webpage to complete the registration procedure.
  3. You can be settled in the Star Distribution platform only after you agree to the terms on this instruction, follow the steps on the webpage to complete
    the registration procedure and pass the approval process. The above process does not rule out the possibility of failing to pass the platform approval
    and being rejected to process the certification application.
  4. When you check “I agree” and press the “Next” button below or similar to the terms of this statement, you have fully accepted the entire terms of this
    instruction and will use Star Distribution platform for digital music management and distribution according to the following instructions.
  5. The terms and conditions of this instruction cover the individual terms of service and subsequent related contractual agreements of “Star Distribution” channels.
    The use of the services provided by the “Star Distribution” will be subject to the common adjustment of the above agreement.
  6. Upon completion of the entire application process and approval of the certification, the user is responsible for all of its actions
    on “Star Distribution” platform in accordance with these instructions.

II. Service Explanation

The mission of Star Distribution is to break the traditional path, provide free digital distribution and distribution services to help musicians
to promote their work to the global broadcast platforms so music can get more exposure and benefits.

In order to realize better and more comprehensive digital music management and promotion, “Star Distribution” provides the following services:

  • Free Publishing: free annual fee, free registration fee and free upload fee at any time with a click. Fastest speed is 24 hours.
  • Reserved copyright: musicians keep music copyright and are free to choose the scope and type of authorization.
  • The highest income: the industry’s highest returns. musicians can get the maximum return on the music publishing.
  • Professional Release: Free for each music registered album international bar code, ISRC issue number.
  • Advanced technology: The only user of DDEX in China.
  • Marketing promotion: the major music platform to apply for recommended bits; co-promotion of cooperative media; musicians get more exposure opportunities.
  • Data Transparency: Powerful statistics; push reports on a regular basis; view play at any time; data download.
  • Easy to settle: Easily settle your earnings at any time through your account.
  • Rights protection: real-time infringement detection, to ensure efficient copyright tracking, to help maintain music copyright.

What is “Album International Barcode”?

“Album International Barcode” is the commercial barcode used for music pieces. The current international bar code mainly includes EAN and UPC. EAN stands for
European Article Number, by 13 or 14 digits. UPC stands for Universal Product Code, by 12 digits. Music album as a commodity are code with international barcodes.
Music platform can get the album information and confirm whether the album is repeated shelves with international barcodes.

“Star Distribution” system can not only recognize music albums already have album international barcodes but also automatically
generate international barcodes for music uploaded and register music in the Chinese commodity information service management platform.

What is ISRC?

International Standard Recording Code, ISRC, is composed of 12 letters and numbers in four parts. It is the generally accepted material recognition code to
recognize recorded materials and music videos worldwide. ISRC can be used in recorded audio and recorded audio videos such as karaoke videos,
MTV, concerts, musicals, operas and dramas.

The existing ISRC for the user’s music product can be authenticated in the “Star Distribution”
system or the ISRC release code can be automatically issued after the music data is uploaded.

What is DDEX?

Digital Data Exchange is an international standard established by music medias, copyright organizations and digital music service websites and
technology platforms. The standard based on advanced data transfer technology can ensure efficient transfers, data chasing and revenue safety.

“Star Distribution” as the first and only copyright organization in China using DDEX, can realize one-click distribution and close copyright monetization
to complete the goal of effective and efficient operation income.

How to get revenue data?

Certified users can check accounting reports and apply for money withdrawal at “Star Distribution” management center. At the same time,
“Star Distribution” will send users royalty reports on a regular time basis to provide users detailed and transparent breakdown numbers regarding revenue.

What are the music platforms that collaborate with “Star Distribution” right now?

For now, “Star Distribution” distribution system can directly reach more than 200 countries and places worldwide, 150 music distributors, covering 95% of music market.

Deep partners include QQ Music, Xiami Music, Netease Music and Netease Music from Mainland China, KKBOX, Mymusic, Omusic, Walkgame, hmv PLAY from Hong Kong and Taiwan,
iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, Pandora, Amazon from other countries and carriers such as China Telecom, China Mobile and Taiwan Mobile.

III. Service Procedure

Application – Material Upload – Download agreement, Signature and mail – Music Upload – Data Check – Revenue

IV. User Commitment

  1. Users must provide “Star Distribution” with timing, comprehensive and accurate personal information and related materials and must update registration materials accordingly.
    If there happen any problem caused by unreal information with negative consequence, “Star Distribution” does not take any responsibility or accountability.
  2. After successful certified user application, “Star Distribution” will provide the user account information including password.
    The username and password should be kept by the user and the user should take legal responsibility of all related events and activities happened with the account.
  3. Unless otherwise agreed, the specific authorization between the Certified User and “Star Distribution” is adjusted by the agreement provided by the platform
    (Global Digital Music Distribution Service Agreement and the relevant Licensing Agreement). If the user violates relevant laws, regulations, this instruction or
    terms of subsequent contract and cause loss to “Star Distribution” or any other third party, the user agrees to bear the resulting liability for damages.
  4. The user commit that all information (including but not limited to texts, pictures, music, movies, performances, recorded products and computer systems)
    conforms the specification and standard required by “Star Distribution”. If there is no material mistake,
    the user cannot change any information after it enters the digital distribution system.
  5. The user commit that all information and material provided to “Star Distribution” (defined as the works formulated by the “Copyright Law of the People’s Republic of China”,
    including but not limited to texts, pictures, music, movies, performances, recorded products and computer systems, etc.) do not infringe any third party’s intellectual property or
    other legal rights. Certified users own the full rights or legally authorized rights from other right holders. The rights authorized to “Star Distribution” under this Instruction include
    but are not limited to songwriting, recording producer rights, performers’ rights and proceeds; if the certified user represent its team or other copyright owner to publish music,
    he or she should commit that he or she has already gain approval from his or her team and other copyright owners and restate the legal rights stated above Including but not limited to
    the right of authorship and the right to remuneration. If the certified user violates this term and cause “Star Distribution” been claimed by a third party, the certified user agrees to
    indemnify all losses “Star Distribution” suffers (including but not limited to direct losses, indirect losses, expecting losses, regulation penalties, reconciliation fees, compensations,
    litigation costs, notary fees, attorney fees, and etc.).
  6. When a third party considers that user authorizes “Star Distribution” to do as digital music management and related information infringes their rights and sends a notice of rights
    to the “Star Distribution” under the “Regulations on the Protection of Information Network Transmission Rights” or the relevant legal provisions, the Certified User agree that “Star Distribution”
    can determine to delete or take down the authorized work subject to infringement. Unless “Star Distribution” receives in accordance with relevant legal requirements and can prove that
    “Star Distribution” does not bear any legal responsibility for the written instructions, “Star” will not automatically restore the above information upload and published.
  7. The user must not utilize any service provided by “Star Distribution” to conduct any behavior that cause negative consequence to the normal operation of the platform.
  8. If the user discovers any illegal account activity or security issue, the user should notice “Star Distribution” immediately.
  9. If the user violate any terms stated above when using services provided by “Star Distribution”,
    “Star Distribution” has the right to mandate the user to revise or take any necessary measures to reduce the negative consequence caused by the user to both parties.
  10. The user completes the agreement signing and delivery process and officially licenses “Star Distribution” to perform digital music management and distribution service.
    All user’s activities during or after the certification process are subjected to this instruction and adjustments of every term.

V. Intellectual Property

  1. “Star Distribution” enjoy the corresponding rights regarding the platform services and the related software technology contained in intellectual property or other legal
    protection of the right; except users’ copyright of their content, the copyright of the overall content of the platform is reserved by “Star Distribution”.
  2. The documents and other contents transmitted through “Star Distribution” are protected by copyright law, trademark law, patent law or other laws;
    Without official authorization from “Star Distribution”, other users may not modify, rent, distribute or derive other works.
  3. The user owns non-exclusive right of use of “Star Distribution” and its related software. However, the user must not permit any third party to copy,
    revise or sell derived products of “Star Distribution” or its related software without permission from “Star Distribution”.
  4. All designed pictures, drawings, products and service names of “Star Distribution” are privately owned trademarks of “Star Distribution”
    and its related companies. No one else should use, copy or utilize the trademarks for other purposes.

VI. Disclaimer

  1. The certified user expressly agrees that the risk of his/her use of “Star Distribution” service is entirely at his/her own risk; His/her consequences arising from the use of
    the “Star Distribution” service are also borne by himself/herself and the “Star Distribution” does not take any responsibility.
  2. “Star Distribution” does not guarantee that the service will be able to fully meet the requirements of certified users. “Star Distribution” does not guarantee the times that
    the music be listened or downloaded or the income generated through “Star Distribution” (this is decided by the market situation and the music itself). “Star Distribution”
    does not guarantee that the service will not be interrupted, the service timeliness, security, or accuracy.
  3. “Star Distribution” does not take any accountability for internet service connection failure or other deficiencies caused by force majeure or reasons not controlled by “Star Distribution”.
  4. If the works and related information that the user publish or upload through “Star Distribution” platform violate this instruction or infringe other people’s any right,
    “Star Distribution” does not take any responsibility. If any third party makes a claim to “Star Distribution” for any of the above reasons, the user agrees to indemnify
    “Star Distribution” platform and its related partners all direct and indirect losses.