Synch Licensing and Marketing

Games, Advertising, TV/Movies and other media

We proactively pitch and license your songs to leading local and global game studios, advertising agencies, TV/movie production companies and other media.

Song Placements and Covers

Curated matchmaking with high-profile artists

Our team actively markets your songs to a select list of exclusive top artists maximizing the opportunities for your composers and songwriters.

Collaboration and Co-writing

Asia meets the West with a bang

We connect artists, producers, and studios around the world to create unique content that resonates with fans both Asia and the Western world.

Online Music Libraries

Search and find. play and play. Select and buy.

Fast and automated licensing experience through Coolvox, China’s leading online licensing platform and other stock music outlets throughout the region and wirldwide. Your music in the same pool with composers and song-writers who licensed for Harry Potter, Avatar, Assassin’s Creed, X-Men, The Walking Dead and so many more.

Publishing Collection

Your publishing royalties collected directly

We collect the publishing royalties you are owed directly from the digital stores and outlets – improving your bottom-line and delivering more value to you and your artists clearly and efficiently.

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