With over 11,000 star-rated hotels and a combined total of over 111,000 department and hyper/supermarket stores from the top 100 players in the country alone (2016, China Chain Store & Franchise Association, company websites), China represents a huge opportunity for both content producers and copyright owners alike, who want to monetize on their content as background music. We now offer you the opportunity to do this.

You can now sign-up for our background music licensing scheme

By signing up for our background music scheme, you will license us to make your content (or parts of it) available to a number of select partners, who in turn will supply that content to their end-customers to be played as background music in hotels, restaurants, department stores and hyper/supermarkets, and many other sites.

Royalty fee is determined for each deal

Our partners will be signing deals with each individual end-customer (hotel or supermarket), which means that each deal can be better than the previous one. With that in mind, we built our licensing scheme to be flexible enough and to allow us to account to you and determine your royalty fee for each individual deal, ensuring you always get the correct royalty fee.

Are you interested?

Please review the background music licensing agreement and get back to us – we already have your music, so we will set you up as soon as the paperwork is done.